HITS HR and Payroll Solution

2nd May 2015

HITS HR & Payroll products are expandable; it can expand freely and move up with your business as it is growing up. So, you don’t have to worry about the migration or setup process, it is a hassle-free task within your reach!

In any of HITS HR & Payroll products, you can select the modules and features that meet your requirements, across HITS four packages of modules: “Personnel, Compensation, Employees Development, and Advanced Automation packages” you can prioritize your automation phases.

Those packages are “tailor-based” using the most popular international standard scheme to encapsulate all the Human Resources aspects without overburdening the decision makers with a lot of details. This is in addition to HITS “Add-Ons” applications from which you can get your extra benefits. So, get your preferred feature and compose your offer!!

HITS HR & Payroll Product’s Portfolio has been developed to fit your budget, aligning with your business needs. So now you can freely select any of the following family of products:


1. HITS DNA HR Foundation

  • Employee’s Master Data.
  • Managing Organization Structure.
  • Defining Jobs.
  • Defining Grades.
  • Manpower Planning.
  • MS Office Integration.
  • Reports & Statistics.


2. HITS DNA Payroll Management

  • Pay codes associated with different behaviors.
  • Different payroll runs.
  • Batch Processing and What-If-Scenarios.
  • Different payroll cut-of-dates.
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Bank Transfer.
  • Cost center allocations.
  • Different taxation rules.
  • Auto Tax reconciliation.
  • Interface to General Ledger.
  • High performance, high security, and rich reports.


3. HITS DNA Benefit Management

  • Different benefit plans such as; credit, saving, pension, insurance, reimbursement, medical, etc.
  • Recurring benefit items; like loan installments, end of service accrued amount, and periodical (annual) bonus.
  • On-demand benefit items; such as medical claims.
  • Defining eligibility rules
  • Multiple enrollment.
  • Batch processing.
  • Integration with payroll.
  • Clickable online Leave Control Sheet


4. HITS DNA Vacation Management

  • Administering, monitoring & tracking employees’ vacations as per the organization’s policy & country law.
  • Customizable Vacation Types.
  • User-Defined Vacation Packages.
  • Amazing Automation with Payroll via “Smart Emails”.
  • Robust Automation with online Self-Service.
  • Integration with General Ledger.
  • Clickable online Leave Control Sheet


5. HITS DNA Time Keeping Management

  • Control employees’ sign-in and sign-out via time keeping machines.
  • Customizable time rules.
  • Clickable Online Shift Assignment.
  • Integration with Personnel & Compensation.
  • Over/Short Time Workflow Permissions.
  • Rich on-line Time-Keeping Reports.


6. HITS DNA Training Management

  • Define Courses and Training Catalog.
  • Integration with Employee’s Competencies and employees appraisal module.
  • Training Budget & Cost.
  • Unmatched Training Reports.
  • Online Training Workflow.
  • Online E-Training Services.
  • Online Training Enrollment & Attendance per Session.


7. HITS DNA Performance Appraisal + MBO

  • Assess & rate the employees professionally & accurately based on user defined appraisal templates.
  • List of Appraisal templates, appraisers, and assessment criteria.
  • Define competencies (KPI), objectives, and question.
  • User Defined Performance Evaluation based on all Appraisal Approaches.
  • Automatic Update for Employees’ Competencies.
  • Appraisal Batch Posting.
  • Integrating with “Training Management”.
  • Appraisal Results & recommendations.


8. HITS DNA Career Path and Succession Planning

  • Graphically view the career Path of each employee.
  • Decide easily the required competencies to develop each employee in the current position or the future position.


9. HITS DNA Recruitment & E-Recruitment

  • Keeping Rich Applicants’ Database.
  • Tailor your Application Form.
  • Integration with Competencies.
  • Many Recruitment Activities Reports.
  • Online E-Recruitment.
  • Integrating with “Document Management”.
  • Integrating with “Appraisal Management”.



  • Efficiently manage, automate & streamline daily HR requests and approvals
  • Vacation online request/approval, Benefit online request/approval, Promotion request/approval … etc.
  • Turning the work environment into paperless.


11. HITS Dashboards & BI Statistics

  • DDS designed for strategic management
  • Best practices, ready-made KPI templates for each sector.
  • Design your own reports & dashboards zero programing.
  • It’s not only a human resources dashboard, it’s an organizational dashboard that can measure non HR elements inside your dashboard.
  • All-in-One consolidated interactive organizational dashboard over a worldwide level.
  • Visualize the organization data in smart & interactive visual graphs & charts.
  • Access visualized data using Microsoft office 365.
  • Share your dynamic dashboard with selected peers.


12. HITS DNA Misconduct Management

  • Tracking and recording issues relevant to employees’ behavior and its compliance with company policy & procedures.
  • Convert recorded employees’ penalties into payroll transactions.
  • Keep Historical Records.
  • Automation with Payroll.
  • Customizable Rules and Regulations.



HITS DNA HR & Payroll Software