HITS DNA HR and Payroll Solution

2nd May 2015

HITS Human Resources and Payroll management distinct products are capable to address the needs of small businesses, midsize companies, and it also suits offerings to manage global organizations and even governments. Hence our global innovative development approach focuses on propagating the human development across the world in strategic & important markets. 

HITS HR & Payroll products are expandable; it can expand freely and move up with your business as it is growing up. So, you don’t have to worry about the migration or setup process, it is a hassle-free task within your reach!

In any of HITS HR & Payroll products, you can select the modules and features that meet your requirements, across HITS four packages of modules: “Personnel, Compensation, Employees Development, and Advanced Automation packages” you can prioritize your automation phases.

Those packages are “tailored based” using the most popular international standard scheme to encapsulate all the Human Resources aspects without overburdening the decision makers with a lot of details. This is in addition to HITS “Add-Ons” applications from which you can get your extra benefits. So, get your preferred feature and compose your offer!!

HITS HR & Payroll Product’s Portfolio has been developed to fit your budget, aligning with your business needs. So now you can freely select any of the following family of products: “Standard”, “Professional” and “Enterprise”, in addition to up-coming products “Enterprise +” and “Enterprise Premier”.


HITS DNA HR and Payroll Solution Standard Edition

  • Smart analytics at competitive prices for a growing organization.
  • Powerful HR automation solution, without having to buy features you don’t need.
  • Ideal for multi centers or multi branches organizations with different languages facility, condensed reporting, multiple currencies taxation and insurance rules.

HITS DNA HR and Payroll Solution Professional Edition

  • Powerful HR decision support through integration across multiple geographies/cultures,
  • Powerful HR automation solutions which understand your business needs across multiple geographies/cultures.
  • Ability to integrate large no. of departments, hierarchies, languages, time keeping machines, GL’s… and more.
  • Huge number of reports and dashboards coupled with one-touch analytics for decision support in a large structured organization.

HITS DNA HR and Payroll Solution Enterprise Edition

  •  For managing HR operations in a globally diversified company.
  • Ideal for globally diversified corporations, with customizable solutions to manage global HR operations.
  • Supports multilingual operations and integrates the solution to fit your global HR needs and to take enterprise decisions for tomorrow’s expansion.
  • Enjoy all the last features plus enterprise unlimited number of different payroll organizations.
  • Manage your enterprise training budgets and plans.

HITS DNA HR and Payroll Solution Enterprise + Enterprise Premier

  • For a tomorrow-ready enterprise.
  • Highest levels of customization and integrability with third party services.
  • Customizable dashboards.
HITS HR & Payroll management solution