HITS DNA Recruitment & E-Recruitment

HITS DNA Recruitment

HITS HR DNA recruitment management is the optimum solution for the organizations which are keen to keep all the information about applicants or candidates for recruitment and staffing processing.

  • Keeping Rich Applicants’ Database.
  • Tailor your Application Form.
  • Integration with Competencies.
  • Many Recruitment Activities Reports.
  • Online E-Recruitment.
  • Recruitment Integrating with “Document Management”. Check HITS Personnel Outsourcing Services
  • Recruitment Integrating with “Appraisal Management”.

HITS HR DNA E Recruitment

HITS HR DNA E-Recruitment is designed based on innovation and overseas best practice, in order to help your candidates to fill dynamic applications over your company web site.

Enables an organization to locate talents all over the world through providing online vacancies; along with its professional application criteria.

Thus HR users responsible for recruitment and selection activities can create detailed vacancies as per the available positions with required skills, qualification and a validity date. Then as per the organization decision, these vacancies will be automatically published on one of the company’s web sites, in case of having subsidiaries. Accordingly, candidates all over the world can easily access these online applications for published vacancies, and they can even attach a soft copy of their C.V.s. After that, a candidate can track the application status and his/her interview from the website. Note that, the recruitment manager can stop or remove any published vacancy, as per the organization’s needs. Moreover; all details entered in an online application via HITS E-Rec is automatically recorded in the “Recruitment” module. Thus it shares in minimizing data reentry for candidates’ details.