HITS DNA Misconduct Management

What’s HITS Misconduct Management?


HITS DNA Misconduct Management is responsible for tracking and recording issues relevant to employees’ behavior and its compliance with company policy & procedures such as; employees penalties or misconducts.


HITS Misconduct Management provides users with professional automation with payroll. Therefore, it can convert recorded employees’ penalties into payroll transactions according to the company’s policy and procedure or as per labor law.


In case your Organization is already establishing a link between committed misconducts & payroll, then the provided automation between your corporate legality rules and payroll should take place, so that recorded misconducts can be converted into financial transactions ready to be posted after reviewing by the designated person. This automation proves to be very useful in economizing time; along with insuring accuracy regarding this impact upon employees’ payroll.


  • Tracking and Documentation of  issues relevant to employees’ misbehavior and its compliance with company policy & procedures.
  • Conversion of recorded employees’ penalties into payroll transactions.
  • Stored Historical Records.
  • Natural Automation with payroll.
  • Customizable Rules and Regulations dependent on country laws and organization internal policies.


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