HITS DNA Career Path & Succession Planning and 9 Box Performance Grid

HITS DNA Career Path & Succession Planning & 9 Box Performance Grid

  • Graphically view of the career Path of each employee.
  • The manager can decide easily the required competencies to develop each employee.
  • Comparison and alignment of talents with potential business objectives.
  • Identify employees with succession plans and others who may be at risk.
  •  Also managers can have a complete overview about each employee’s performance and talent metrics.
  • Due to that HITS 9-box grid is completely configurable it fit all the business need.
  • Another thing that the grid can be built based on 2/4/9 box.
  • It is a self-service oriented.
  • Recommended talent decisions based on an actionable insights.
  • Besides that each employees can check his/her performance card.


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