Why do you need it?

Is it really that important to have HRMS?

First of all getting the comprehensive automation tools that can effectively help you expanding your business. Moreover Increasing staff productivity, the level of employees satisfaction, and minimizing the cost wastes is a real challenge. Now it is your golden opportunity to become the master of your HR. With HITS DNA HRMS SaaS model on Microsoft Azure, you can simply Plug and Play. By avoiding costly start-up investments you will compose your offer and simply pay as you go. Also another important cloud advantage is that users can access the system anywhere in the world. Besides having the data secured with 0% risks. Furthermore HITS HRMS provides an efficient management for employees affairs. Personnel & Payroll and facilitating the day-to-day HR operational tasks. Providing an immediate productivity in HR staffing in terms of handling all the required benefits out of the box. IoT is being considered as the 4th Industrial Revolution. The bio-metric authentication is becoming increasingly crucial nowadays in the world of IoT. With HITS IoT Solutions you can effectively maximize business productivity and minimize business cost wastes

Cloud is the best solution for today's companies

Cloud is the best solution that fits today’s customer biggest need which is ‘cutting cost’. As today’s customers are more educated, informed, selective and money sensitive than ever before. Everyone is now looking for the smartest yet economic solution to get the highest ROI from the business investment. So, we have to calculate ROI while selling the solution to convince customers. HITS mission is to help customers to manage their HR with specialized and innovative software solutions. In order to achieve the highest ROI. The benefits that any company gains from using HITS HR SaaS Model over Microsoft Azure are: