Smart Agriculture

Increase Agriculture Productivity with AI, IoT & Bioinformatics

About 70% of our water supply goes to agriculture, and 70% of water contamination comes from agriculture. Current events, future predictions, and common sense tell us we cannot continue on this path. 

This is where our Highly Accurate, Specific, Fully Automated & Smart Agriculture Solution comes to play.

With over than 100 sensors available at our disposal, We’re going to allow you to track, monitor, and manage your farm/greenhouse with our custom made software powered by Artificial Intelligence that predicts the best environmental conditions for your crops and automate all the relevant actions needed to achieve that.

Our solution does not stop here, our Bioinformatics team, the best in the region, also analyze soil genomically and feed that into our AI model to better predict the best environmental conditions needed.
Not only that, but our Bioinformatics team can also enhance crop by editing genes using CRISPR/CAS9 tech. 

All those aspects guarantee, the best and purest version of plant and crop for better health and nutritional value. 

How Can Our Smart Agriculture Solutions Benefit You?

Water Preservation
Improved Production
Complete Automation
Metagenomic Soil Analysis

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