HITS Products

HITS HR and Payroll Solution

HITS HR & Payroll products are expandable; it can expand freely and move up with your business as it is growing up. So, you don’t have to worry about the migration or setup process, it is a hassle-free task within your reach!

In any of HITS HR & Payroll products, you can select the modules and features that meet your requirements, across HITS four packages of modules:

“Personnel, Compensation, Employees Development, and Advanced Automation packages” you can prioritize your automation phases.

Those packages are “tailor-based” using the most popular international standard scheme to encapsulate all the Human Resources aspects without overburdening the decision makers with a lot of details. This is in addition to HITS “Add-Ons” applications from which you can get your extra benefits. So, get your preferred feature and compose your offer!!

HITS HR & Payroll Product’s Portfolio has been developed to fit your budget, aligning with your business needs. So now you can freely select any of the following family of products: