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HITS Products Portfolio

First of all HITS DNA HRMS products portfolio can be bundled together for providing a full automation. Also or by selecting specific solutions that fit specific business needs. So you can get your desired features with your existing budget.   Moreover HITS DNA HRMS consists of 5 core functions that compose the HR Pie. Personnel, Compensation, Benefit, Employees Development and Advanced feature packages.   With HITS HRMS Best Practices and ready-made business exercises. You can achieve the optimal ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ and the highest ROI , an addition to facilitating your daily HR tasks.   Even more you can visualize your organization hierarchy with a full profiling for your employees. Documents, change of statuses, Payroll, Benefit, Vacations, Misconducts, Time Keeping, Recruitment, Training, Performance Appraisal and more. You can also develop your budgets and charters with keeping an eye on the employees’ performance. Above all getting an informative insights through HITS Dashboards, innovative analytical reporting tool and built-in statistics.   Finally HITS smart IoT solutions suite comprises smart multi-identification attendance, smart access control, smart surveillance, smart asset and people tracking, and many other tailored IoT solutions. Every IoT solution can be used as a standalone product, or can be bundled by HITS DNA HRMS  providing full automation to fit specific business needs.   Why do you need it?