Human Capital Management

HCM Business Application

HITS Business Application is a comprehensive system that supports you to efficiently manage, plan, develop & acquire various HR/Payroll activities; along with optimizing your Human Resources utilization; the most valuable and effective asset in an organization. It is extremely easy, cutting edge, customizable, informative, dynamic, flexible, reactive, integrative and intelligent. It thinks globally and perceives any culture. 

HITS HCM’s Portfolio has been developed to fit your budget, aligning with your business needs. So now you can freely select any of your preferred family of products/modules. 

The HCM Software is a scalable solution; it can expand freely and move up with your business as it is growing up. So, you don’t have to worry about the migration or setup process, it is a hassle-free task within your reach! 

Work Life Balance with HCM Software:
It starts from employee’s status as an applicant until retirement, passing along activities relevant to personnel, payroll, training, competencies, career path, etc. A HITS HCM user will experience dealing with a lively nervous system that understands your needs, interacts with you, automates your business, and helps you react faster to planned and unplanned events.  

We have Integration in Various Dimensions
HITS Human Capital Management Software provides its users with various kinds of integration with other systems and technologies, such as General Ledger interfaces, Charting, Email Servers, Mobile Technology, and Future Smart devices. As per three main dimensions based on business requirements: 
• External Integration with other Systems.
The application can fully integrate with International ERPs. Moreover, It enables & facilitates the integration with various Time Keeping Machines’ databases. 
Integration with Institutions.
The application can integrate with E-Government Systems; like exporting Social Insurance data with the proper format, furthermore, HCM provides Banking systems integration to send Bank Transfer amounts with the proper format. 
• Full Integration with Microsoft Tools
HCM Software is an assortment of capabilities built on the latest and most robust Microsoft® technologies, such as MS .NET® framework, MS SQL server, Power BI, XML and Web services. The result is a state-of-the-art solution that helps you meet your service levels. Also, it facilitates the software’s management, availability, reliability and performance.

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