Employee Safety Tracking

Invest In Tomorrow - Work Safe Today

HITS Employee Safety Tracking solutions is used for managing employees in business buildings, schools, banks, hospitals, hotels, public areas.. and many more. This application enables the employers or managers to track their employees’ or worker’s locations via their own mobiles as the application uses the “Heartbeats” feature for sending notifications from the employee’s mobile with his current location on time intervals to his manager, also it  fits all business types in various sectors, it is used for tracking employees to control the productivity of the business by tracking the utilization of working hours so business owners will increase business growth, as user can track the worker movements, and specify the duration each employee stayed in each tracked zone, Track the working hours, reduce cost wastes, increase productivity, Insure the quality of product or services.

The Safety Tracking is a new solution which is better than using the traditional GPS Tracker, which is not able to detect the location in a multiple floors building, user can select the period & location he wants to track the employee in it, the map will show the employee readings within the specified period & location, also it will show the distance between each point, and employees each time they lost connection and their last location within specific period

HITS Employee Safety Tracking solution is the best solution for people safety as if no notifications received, this means that the employee might be in danger, so the application will alert the manager to take the appropriate action, also it is designed to secure people in business buildings as it gives the capability to send a message for employees to evacuate a certain building/area in emergency conditions and to be back to the building/area in case the danger has passed away