Why you need it?

Getting the comprehensive automation tools that can effectively help you expanding your business, increasing productivity and minimizing the cost wastes is a real challenge.

With HITS DNA HRMS, it is your golden opportunity to become the master of your HR. With HITS DNA HRMS SaaS on Azure you can simply Plug and Play. By avoiding costly start-up investments, improve productivity of HR Staff, in addition to the efficient management for employees Personnel & Payroll, along with day-to-day operational tasks, immediate productivity in HR staffing in terms of many HR processes and finally, handling all required benefits out of the box. Another important cloud advantage is that users can access the system anywhere in the world besides having the data secured with 0% risks.



IoT is being considered as the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the bio-metric authentication is increasingly crucial nowadays in the world of IoT. With HITS IoT Solutions you can effectively maximize business productivity and minimize business cost wastes.