What we offer

HITS is the One-Stop-Shop for People Management Software Products and Internet of Things solutions over the Cloud.

HITS is specialized in developing software products to manage, serve and secure people from birth to death over Cloud using Microsoft latest technologies of IoT.


Over the course of 20 years, HITS become the most prominent and customizable people management software solutions, used by big corporate organization worldwide to assure a well organized workplace through managing people and people’s affairs. Maintaining the highest user satisfaction and ROI.


HITS has produced various kinds of people management software products such as:

  1. HITS Smart IoT Multi Identification Attendance Solution
  2. HITS Smart IoT Surveillance Solution
  3. HITS Smart IoT Worker Location Tracker
  4. HITS Smart IoT Gates/Doors Access
  5. HITS IoT Smart Cafeteria
  6. HITS IoT Smart Tags (Asset Management)
  7. HITS Smart IoT Digital Sales Ecosystem
  8. HITS HR & Payroll System.
  9. HITS EasyGo Mobile Application.
  10. ​HITS HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  11. HITS Citizen Management System (CMS).


HITS Software products are manufactured, designed and packed by HITS team with an in-depth proficiency in people management and technology as well.


HITS Strategy focuses on the necessity of the successive and incremental improvements, in addition to the endless Research & Developments to generate innovations, so all HITS products are continuously being enhanced and up to-date.


Why your company needs HRMS!

HITS IoT people management solutions over cloud