Support & Services

Support & Services

HITS has developed a proven system that designed to meet the demands of the matured customer, and evolved from dedicated blueprint experience in the Human Resources.

So that you can follow blindly because of the trustworthy and reliable solutions as well receive on-going support.

Not only you will be able to reduce your risks by using HITS system, but you will benefit from providing services and solutions.

Under an already established name which is referred to as “Fanatic Service”.

So that mostly you don’t need to address your problem, in spite you may have regularly a “checkup” call.

Making sure that you have a smooth operation!

Expertise Available When You Need It

HITS support team is a professional queue of technical experts.

Who is adding-value to HITS customers’ on their day-to-day operations.

Supported with second queue of back-end senior technical expertise.

So you are always enjoying also a partnership that care about your operation.

HITS Strategy is not only focusing on providing a professional response in return for customers’ demands, while in particular it is a reliable long-term partnership.


Customer Centric Support 

Regular Surveys:

The customers satisfaction is essential to the survival of any business.

How do we find out whether our customers are satisfied?

The best way to find out whether our customers are satisfied is to ask them.

That’s why HITS QA team is keen on making a regular professional satisfaction survey with all our customers.

And all the system’s users to know their different comments and requirements.

That will design a road-map for our non-stop R&D which have a great positive impact on the continuous R&D for system’s version. Starting from NAS PRO version then NAS DOT Net version and the latest version is the DNA Cloud Version.