Social Insurance Services

Social Insurance Services

HITS social insurance outsourcing services includes:

All the personnel s’ social insurance and any other related governmental and legal requirements while hiring a new employee and across the work life cycle inside the organization.


HITS BPO team will handle the process of placing each employee in a social insurance category according to their salaries and as per labor law.


In addition, HITS experiences BPO team is always following up any changes in the regulations and laws of social insurance.

Specially the Labor Law, Social Insurance Decrees/Law, Tax Law to be applied and maintained upon receipt from the government.


HITS social insurance outsourcing services includes undertaking all the post.

Hiring related processes such as:

  • Adding new employees to your company’s files at the insurance office,
  • Payment of the company’s monthly social insurance,
  • Changing employee’s job title in the insurance form,
  • Exporting the legal forms 1, 2 and 6, keeping an updated records of all types of vacations for each employee.
  • In addition to provide social insurance print outs straight from our office authorized and stamped for any purpose they may require.


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