Smart IoT People Tracking

Smart IoT People Tracking

Why HITS IoT People Tracking Solution is important

First of all HITS IoT People Tracking Solution can be used for tracking Workers, Kids, Employees, Doctors… and more.

More over you can Control the productivity of your business by tracking the utilization of working hours via HITS “Worker Location Tracker Smart IoT Solution”.

  • Smart Geo-locator.
  • Also you can track the worker movements.
  • Track the working hours.
  • Above all – reduce cost wastes.
  • Also Increase productivity.
  • Insure the quality of product or services.

Kids Tracking

HITS People tracking IoT solution helps in kids tracking in the crowded areas to avoid kidnapping.

More over People tracking IoT giving the parents the ability to know where their children are.

So by finding a new solution rather than using the traditional GPS Tracker, which is not able to detect the location in a multiple floors buildings.


Tracking Kids by using Beacon sensors 

HITS solution will be able to identify the kid’s location, then parents will monitor their kids’ location via mobile application via BLE technology.

Even more Beacons will collect data from tags and send it to the server, to analyze if the distance between the two points exceeded a certain threshold, a notification will be sent to parents or security guys to verify the location of the kid.


Check HITS smart IoT Attendance for Employees and Workers