HITS Smart IoT Solutions

8th Aug 2017

Internet of Things promises to reshape the entire market with all its industries.

From smart access control solutions to smart surveillance applications, the IoT is increasingly touching every facet of our professional lives through its unmatched power of connectivity.


HITS smart IoT solutions incorporates a variety of sensors and devices interconnected to produce a wide range of innovative futuristic possibilities and a real added value for your organization, to make all your dreams come true.


HITS Smart IoT solutions family include bio-metric multi identification, smart IoT access control, smart IoT surveillance solutions… and more. Those solutions are designed to secure people in business buildings, homes, countries or even as individuals.


HITS IoT solutions are beneficial for:

  • Protecting people, business buildings and assets.
  • Improving the quality of life.
  • Maximizing productivity.
  • Boosting the level customer satisfaction.
  • Data correlation analysis, to identify and match people.


HITS IoT Solutions are fixing the most complex situations in any business industry:


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HITS IoT Multi-biometric identification solutions