HITS biometric IoT Identification Solutions

8th Aug 2017

HITS biometric IoT identification solutions designed to secure people in business buildings, homes, countries or even as individuals.


HITS IoT biometric identification technology is beneficial for fighting crime, preventing fraud and improving public safety.


HITS offers a bunch of biometric and surveillance solutions that are beneficial for:

  • Protecting people, business buildings and assets.
  • Improving the quality of life.
  • Maximizing productivity.
  • Boosting the level customer satisfaction.
  • Data correlation analysis, to identify and match people.


HITS bio-metric IoT Solutions comprise many bio-metric methods that establishes a link between the physical and digital identities such as fingerprint, face recognition, RFID/NFC, IRIS, password, voice, .DNA, and QR


HITS facial recognition process includes image processing, face detection, quality assessment, template encoding and matching.


HITS Smart Bio Attendance System

  • Multi Identification attendance system with biometric methods such as FINGERPRINT, FACE RECOGNITION, RFID/NFC, IRIS, PASSWORD, VOICE, DNA, AND QR.
  • Cloud based or WiFi connectivity.
  • Offline or online data processing.
  • Unlimited storage on Azure.
  • Connecting devices in different locations, identifying persons in all locations automatically with no data duplication.
  • Relational DB provides Data correlation via Machine Learning Technology, with meaningful information about people whether they are employees, visitors, suppliers, anonymous in seconds.
  • Handling unplanned time rosters management.
  • Group face identification simultaneously.
  • Tracking working hours and solve tough attendance scenarios.
  • Predicting attendance shifts changes such as; handling on-the-spot permissions and configuring new on-spot shifts, in addition to modifying working hours to match business needs.
  • Geo sign-in from anywhere linked with Google maps.
  • Integrated with any sales force or CRM solutions.
  • Integrated with all international People Management Systems: ORACLE, SAP, Sun, Epicor, Infor, Microsoft, etc, in addition to other local packages.
  • Smart BI reports.


Serving many verticals such as:

  1. IoT Smart Multi Identification Attendance.
  2. IoT Smart Surveillance.
  3. IoT Smart Gates Access.
  4. IoT Smart Tags – Tracking
  5. Workers Locator Tracking.
  6. IoT Digital Transformation – Retail
  7. IoT Digital transformation – Services.
  8. IoT Digital transformation – Staff Cafeteria.


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HITS IoT Multi-biometric identification solutions