• HITS EasyGo Mobile App
      • ​HITS Mobile App is compatible with all mobile devices whether it’s Windows, Android, or ioS.

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      HITS EasyGo Mobile App

      HITS EasyGo Mobile App, designed to satisfy your business needs providing a secured and easy access to HITS Self-Service & Workflow while on the Go.


      When you use HITS EasyGo Mobile App, you are getting all the same information, insight, and intelligence you get on your desktop.


      Find out how HITS Mobile App can efficiently manage, automate & streamline your daily HR requests and approvals such as Pay Slip checking, Expenses ,Assignment Changes, Benefits, Leaves , Geo attendance, and accessing the company directory.


      HITS EasyGo is available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.


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    • HITS HR Business Process Outsourcing BPO
      • ​HITS HR & Payroll outsourcing consultancy service over Azure

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      HITS HR Business Process Outsourcing BPO

      With HITS HR (BPO) Let us handle the Complexity of Human Resources while you focus on your Business Productivity


      Save Time, Save Money, Save Efforts


      HITS Pioneer Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is ready to take over all the hassle of the most costly and constantly changing part in your business, the “Human Resources”. Enjoy HITS BPO consultancy service over Microsoft cloud.


      HITS Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing is about delivering the BPO services with the highest standard. HITS BPO services includes:

      1. Payroll Outsourcing Service
      2. Personnel Outsourcing Services
      3. Social Insurance Services

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    • HITS DNA HR & Payroll Software
      • HITS HR & Payroll solution fits different budgets via many editions, aligning with all business needs.

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      HITS DNA HR & Payroll Software

      HITS HR & Payroll products are expandable; it can expand freely and move up with your business as it is growing up. So, you don’t have to worry about the migration or setup process, it is a hassle-free task within your reach!

      In any of HITS HR & Payroll products, you can select the modules and features that meet your requirements, across HITS four packages of modules: “Personnel, Compensation, Employees Development, and Advanced Automation packages” you can prioritize your automation phases.

      Those packages are “tailor-based” using the most popular international standard scheme to encapsulate all the Human Resources aspects without overburdening the decision makers with a lot of details. This is in addition to HITS “Add-Ons” applications from which you can get your extra benefits. So, get your preferred feature and compose your offer!!

      HITS HR & Payroll Product’s Portfolio has been developed to fit your budget, aligning with your business needs. So now you can freely select any of the following family of products:


      1. HITS DNA HR Foundation

      • Employee’s Master Data.
      • Managing Organization Structure.
      • Defining Jobs.
      • Defining Grades.
      • Manpower Planning.
      • MS Office Integration.
      • Reports & Statistics.


      2. HITS DNA Payroll Management

      • Pay codes associated with different behaviors.
      • Different payroll runs.
      • Batch Processing and What-If-Scenarios.
      • Different payroll cut-of-dates.
      • Multi-Currency.
      • Bank Transfer.
      • Cost center allocations.
      • Different taxation rules.
      • Auto Tax reconciliation.
      • Interface to General Ledger.
      • High performance, high security, and rich reports.


      3. HITS DNA Benefit Management

      • Different benefit plans such as; credit, saving, pension, insurance, reimbursement, medical, etc.
      • Recurring benefit items; like loan installments, end of service accrued amount, and periodical (annual) bonus.
      • On-demand benefit items; such as medical claims.
      • Defining eligibility rules
      • Multiple enrollment.
      • Batch processing.
      • Integration with payroll.
      • Clickable online Leave Control Sheet


      4. HITS DNA Vacation Management

      • Administering, monitoring & tracking employees’ vacations as per the organization’s policy & country law.
      • Customizable Vacation Types.
      • User-Defined Vacation Packages.
      • Amazing Automation with Payroll via “Smart Emails”.
      • Robust Automation with online Self-Service.
      • Integration with General Ledger.
      • Clickable online Leave Control Sheet


      5. HITS DNA Time Keeping Management

      • Control employees’ sign-in and sign-out via time keeping machines.
      • Customizable time rules.
      • Clickable Online Shift Assignment.
      • Integration with Personnel & Compensation.
      • Over/Short Time Workflow Permissions.
      • Rich on-line Time-Keeping Reports.


      6. HITS DNA Training Management

      • Define Courses and Training Catalog.
      • Integration with Employee’s Competencies and employees appraisal module.
      • Training Budget & Cost.
      • Unmatched Training Reports.
      • Online Training Workflow.
      • Online E-Training Services.
      • Online Training Enrollment & Attendance per Session.


      7. HITS DNA Performance Appraisal + MBO

      • Assess & rate the employees professionally & accurately based on user defined appraisal templates.
      • List of Appraisal templates, appraisers, and assessment criteria.
      • Define competencies (KPI), objectives, and question.
      • User Defined Performance Evaluation based on all Appraisal Approaches.
      • Automatic Update for Employees’ Competencies.
      • Appraisal Batch Posting.
      • Integrating with “Training Management”.
      • Appraisal Results & recommendations.


      8. HITS DNA Career Path and Succession Planning

      • Graphically view the career Path of each employee.
      • Decide easily the required competencies to develop each employee in the current position or the future position.


      9. HITS DNA Recruitment & E-Recruitment

      • Keeping Rich Applicants’ Database.
      • Tailor your Application Form.
      • Integration with Competencies.
      • Many Recruitment Activities Reports.
      • Online E-Recruitment.
      • Integrating with “Document Management”.
      • Integrating with “Appraisal Management”.



      • Efficiently manage, automate & streamline daily HR requests and approvals
      • Vacation online request/approval, Benefit online request/approval, Promotion request/approval … etc.
      • Turning the work environment into paperless.


      11. HITS Dashboards & BI Statistics

      • DDS designed for strategic management
      • Best practices, ready-made KPI templates for each sector.
      • Design your own reports & dashboards zero programing.
      • It’s not only a human resources dashboard, it’s an organizational dashboard that can measure non HR elements inside your dashboard.
      • All-in-One consolidated interactive organizational dashboard over a worldwide level.
      • Visualize the organization data in smart & interactive visual graphs & charts.
      • Access visualized data using Microsoft office 365.
      • Share your dynamic dashboard with selected peers.


      12. HITS DNA Misconduct Management

      • Tracking and recording issues relevant to employees’ behavior and its compliance with company policy & procedures.
      • Convert recorded employees’ penalties into payroll transactions.
      • Keep Historical Records.
      • Automation with Payroll.
      • Customizable Rules and Regulations.



    • citizen management
      • HITS Citizen Management System manages the citizen’s lifecycle starting from birth to death.

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      citizen management

      HITS Citizen Management system
      HITS Citizen Management System, is the first and only solution worldwide that can manage the citizen’s lifecycle starting from birth till death. Therefore, the solution can control the detailed information about each part of citizen’s life, and via using the system’s security roles, each part of the system could be managed only through the concerned governmental institution that’s in charge of managing each particular part of the citizen’s life.
      HITS citizen management system provides one dynamic file for each citizen, including all the information about his/her life such as: civil information, medical information, educational information, job information, criminal records, also all the movements and travels inside & outside the country, the property & assets, the qualifications & competencies, the governmental subsidies provided to each citizen… and more.
      Each Citizen has one unified file inside the system, this file contains everything related to the citizen’s life in the same file (all-in-one). All these information can be accessed through the ministries, governmental institutions whenever
      needed under an unmatched security levels of access rights, in order to provide the highest level of dynamicity and security while using the confidential data of each citizen.
      This solution can help any country to entirely eliminate the bureaucracy and sterility in the data circulation process, and to avoid lots of problems such as:

      • Difficulty of obtaining accurate data related to any part of citizen’s life.
      • Financial and administrative corruption.
      • Fraud and manipulation in the official documents… and more.


      1. System Interface is unmatched, it’s electronically designed same as the ordinary paper file of the citizen with same separators, and each separator contains set of data related to each part of the citizen’s life; such as (profile & civil
      affairs, medical data, education & training data… etc.)

      2. Solution contains core data about each citizen, this type of data is shared between all ministries and governmental institutions, and since the citizen’s name, national number, and basic data are correct and unified, there’s no
      probability of data manipulation or redundancy.

      3. Eliminating citizen’s struggle which may occur each time while the citizen is trying to obtain any governmental service. Also it helps the civil employees to get the correct data about citizens in an easy and fast way.

      4. System has a lot of unique and sufficient reports that can help the regime and decision makers to see the complete picture – which was not available before – to make the process of taking the decisions more easy. This wouldn’t
      be happen without having a dynamic interrelated information about every citizen, in a very safe manner and in a few minutes.

      5. Online self-service can be available for every citizen, to allow citizens obtaining services that they are eligible for, without having to move from one place to another, waiting in a very long queue, or wasting their time. Accordingly, this will save billions of wasted money & efforts, and will make the citizen feel satisfied.

      6. Totally eliminating corruption and bribery, which may occur as a result of the direct dealing between the civil employees and the citizens, as all the data will become digitally available.

      7. Ability to manage citizens’ affairs via the safe integration and exchanging data with other systems, such as: medical records affiliated to the ministry of health, educational records affiliated to ministry of education, and employees’ files managed by human resources systems… and more).

    • hits-windows-application
      • HITS Windows App is the first free Egyptian HRMS Application on Microsoft App store.

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      HITS HRMS Windows Application is the first free Egyptian HRMS Application on Microsoft Windows Store.
      It provides your staff with the personalized, accurate information they need to create and update their own HR record. Answering employees daily HR inquiries often in two clicks or less. Also it helps keep the staff up-to-date with company policies and fully understand their rights and duties.

      What’s in it for you?

      A lot of functions can be done through HITS Windows App such as:
      • HR inquires ( Pay slip, vacation records, ..)
      • Workflow Requests.
      • Workflow Approvals.
      • Time Management.
      • Workflow approvals for mangers.
      To check HITS Windows App on Microsoft Store Click Here