Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll Outsourcing Services

With HITS Payroll outsourcing services, forget the hassle of executing the monthly payroll for your staff.

As a result all the administration will be done through HITS Payroll Outsourcing services, by an experienced BPO consultancy team.


More over HITS Payroll outsourcing services include calculation of all factors.

Pay codes that affect the employees monthly salaries such as;

overtime, taxes, bonuses, incentives, loans, vacations, misconduct etc…,


Finally At the end of the month, HITS BPO consultancy team will post the payroll for staff and you will enjoy rich reports, statistics and dashboards with all the historical and current data.


For the reason that-All services and reports that relate to the payroll are computerized.

Completely secured with HITS cloud-based Payroll outsourcing system.

Also all the payroll related documents are digitally available for authorized users review at any time.

Via HITS self-service tool, or even it can be shared via e-mail upon request.


HITS Payroll Bank Transfer service is available through direct bank transfers to each employee’s bank account at almost all the well known banks.


Because of that a detailed pay-slip including salary breakdown is available for each employee.

  • Via e-mail.
  • HITS self-service tool.
  • HITS EasyGo Mobile App.

Even more each employee can download or print the required document according to system permissions and the predefined user rights.


Why you can Use HITS Payroll Outsourcing services:

  • Time Saved
  • Money Saved
  • Enhanced Security
  • Expertise of professionals

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Payroll Outsourcing Services