What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Is It really that important?

13th Nov 2017

 What is Internet of Things

IoT is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet and to other connected devices, to connect things and people.


How does it work

Devices and objects with built in IoT sensors are connected to an Internet of Things platform, which integrates data from the different devices and applies analytics to share the most valuable information with applications built to address specific needs.

  • Use sensors to detect the heat map and have a sentimental analysis to know your customer behavior in a showrooms, malls, service areas,…etc.
  • Drill down into the available sales data to identify which components are selling fastest.
  • Have the full predictive maintenance data to avoid machinery breakdowns.
  • Automatically align sales data with supply, to make sure that no inventory items go out of stock.


Is It really that important for your business?

Internet of things it is very important, it promises to reshape the entire market. You will be able to control your business, boost operational efficiency, analyze your data and act based on insights.


Connect your business with HITS IoT and the opportunities are endless !


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