How to increase employees satisfaction?

17th Mar 2015

By: HITS Marketing Team


Surveys showed that not only money can answer the question of  “How to increase employees satisfaction?”, many other values are affecting employees’ satisfaction rate at any organization… here are some of them:


1- Appreciation

  • Address and praise the admirable points in the employees.
  • Say thanks you when the employee accomplishes his target.

2- Pay attention to social connection

  • Know the employees personal interests and give him a related gift in an occasion.
  • Availing a flexible holidays schedule to the staff without conflicting the business needs.

3- Opportunities for development

  • Provide employees’ development opportunities and training courses.
  • Create fun traditions at holidays, such as (Secret Santa) at Christmas.

4- Setting a clear career path

  • Employees will be motivated to do their best at work, in order to reach the next step of their career path.
  • If there’s a clear succession ladder this will create a healthy challenging spirit inside the workplace.


how to increase employees satisfaction