How does it work?

HITS HR & Payroll products are very modular as you can choose what suit your budget and what suit your business needs; from more than 25 different modules including HR Foundation package, Compensation and Benefit package, Personnel package, Employees’ Development Package and the Advanced Package. So you can get your desired features with your existing budget, without overburdening you with detailed modules selection. It’s a core function with 5 slices that compose your HR Pie, Personnel, Compensation & Benefit, Employees Development and Advanced Feature packages. More and above, with HITS Best-Practices Methodology, you can achieve optimal ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ and the highest ROI.


With HITS HR & Payroll core Foundation; now you can visualize all your organization hierarchy with a full profiling for your people contracts, change of statuses, and more. You can also develop your budgets and charters with keeping an-eye on the employees’ performance; through HITS analytical reporting Innovations and built-in statistics.


Also, tracking employees’ absence & leave management, time punctuality with numerous rules and policies; that could be different from one person to another in the same group, the process which is much critical. In HITS “Personnel Package” you can capture all rules with the required control validations out-of-the-box; via HITS best tailored and closest templates for your operations; to achieve the swift ROI.


Hence, HITS top value proposition is the delivery of an integrated solution that can automate all these interrelated different processes, it helps you getting accurate and easy Compensation & Benefits calculations, with on-line statistics and reviews aligning with required integration to third parties such as; on-line payment or posting to JV, is not always a simple issue. In addition, it is a shared process between many organizational operations such as: leaves, disciplines, performance management, and more.


Now all organizations’ most important assets are ‘People’. So, tracking employees KPIs, and aligning their performance goals with the organization’s business objectives are the main focus. That’s why it requires a multi-dimensional predefined modeling, to match your HR setup with the Talent Management; that will be linked automatically to your whole recruitment and training cycle.


Obtaining all these HR processes in (paperless method) is a day-to-day user objective. Via the advanced automation package, you can achieve the highest collaborative & the most controlled workflow cycle, in addition to a comprehensive Alerting system that you can rely on.