HITS IoT Smart Surveillance Solution

HITS IoT Smart Surveillance Solution Overview


HITS Smart IoT smart Surveillance solution is about connecting smart surveillance cameras passively or over the cloud, which can be hanged in public areas, business buildings, education compasses, airports, banks, and more.


These smart cameras are able to identify, track, monitor all people and objects in this place with an innovative automation to improve public safety and reduce security risks.

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Moreover, HITS Smart IoT Surveillance solution has a relational database with data correlation feature, that can generate meaningful information about people whether they are employees, visitors, suppliers, or even unknown in seconds.


HITS IoT Smart Surveillance Solution Features

  • Identify people & objects.
  • Passive capturing.
  • Heat Map & Sentiment Analysis.
  • Measure customers feelings and satisfaction.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Data correlation analysis.
  • Ability to search by Person, Time, Zone.
  • Visualized dashboards and analytics over Microsoft Power BI.


HITS IoT Smart Surveillance