HITS Smart IoT Solutions for Retail

HITS IoT  Solutions for retail shops

With HITS IoT solutions for retail shops, business owners can increase business growth, marketers can build brand loyalty, shop manager can monitor inventory, sales managers can track consumer behavior, and recommend products.

HITS IoT Solutions for Retail enhances the customers experience, by engaging customers through mobile application to keep them updated by the latest news and newly arrived commodities, also this solutions grants you the chance to discover your customer’s world.


  • (RFID) for better inventory visibility and perishable goods monitoring.
  • Beacons for proximity-marketing with specifically tailored content.
  • Sensors and cameras for monitoring product status and customer traffic.
  • Empower Retailer with meaningful data for effective promotional placements.
  • Grant your customer a led-guided shopping experience.
  • Ensure fresh products & monitor expiry dates.
  • Geo Advertising
  • Mobile app for engaging customers.
  • Get all the dashboards and statistics needed visualized over Microsoft Power BI.
IoT for retail