HITS IoT Solution for Smart Transportation

An overview about HITS IoT for Transportation

Track your assets while managing your fleet.

Build a smart way to manage your fleet with HITS IoT.

  • Public transportation smart surveillance

HITS IoT solution for transportation is increasing citizens security in the public transportation.

Also it controls drivers’ disciplines, based on smart IoT cameras that stream videos, detects faces, detects number of passengers in every vehicle.

It gives out all required analysis that can lead to improving the drivers behaviors.


  • IoT sensors in public transportation and/or all vehicles

HITS IoT solution for transportation detects location and/or vehicles, mapping them with the drivers info for smart traffic arrangement.

By equipping trucks, vehicles and transportation with sensors:

  • These IoT sensors are for auto speed detection,
  •  It help in the auto posting of fines in case of exceeding the maximum allowed speed, after alerting the driver.

HITS IoT solution for transportation also helps in:

  • Increasing safety and reducing cars accidents.
  • Tracks the stolen or disappeared cars.
  • Moreover, a smart dashboard that can display all details about cars restrictions.

so if the car has any type of restriction such as:

  • Restricted areas, an automatic notification will be pushed if violation occurs.
  • If the car moved in opposite direction also the police will be alerted.


  • Smart IoT  road lighting

Smart IoT sensors for energy conservation for road lighting, with reasonable rear and front distances during the cars motion.

It will act in a smart way unlike the traditional motion detection sensors that will lighten spontaneously upon passage of the vehicle which will result in energy conservation.


  • Smart traffic lights signals

Smart traffic signals lighting multiple direction based on projected volume of cars, to smoothly manage the roads traffic.

Measuring the duration of “stop” and “go” timings based on volume of cars for every direction.

So that this will extend the “Go” signal for highly congested roads and vice versa for low ones, or depends on road priority.


  • Road information signs

Smart Signs for roads blockage, these signs will automatically detect and display the blocked roads because of congestion, service/maintenance, accidents, or any other reason. Displaying the reason along with the expected duration of blockage for smoothing the traffic flow, also theses signs will react according to the ambulance or fire fighting vehicles to give them priority on the road.


  • Auto Alerting for security check points

Before the passage of the suspicious cars, the police check points will be notified upon with the upcoming cars with “required” status such as withdrew licenses, criminal record.


  • Auto Parking detection for available cells

Parking areas will be equipped by sensors to notify drivers on their mobiles and guided to the vacant cells upon arrival of the parking area. which will arrange the queuing of the parking as well achieves driving satisfaction.


  • Toll station auto-posting for cars

Connecting the toll stations with smart sensors that auto post the toll fees for the cars to be collected or debited from a bank account upon renewal.

This solution will eliminate the queuing in front of toll gates.


Above solutions are built over huge Machine learning that displays the outcomes and analysis for various data over smart dashboards such as usual congested traffic areas, frequent accident makers, frequent accident locations, so that the predictive maintenance solutions to be used for tunnels, bridges, controls, or what so ever solutions required for treatment.

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HITS Smart IoSolution for Transportation