HITS Power BI Reporting Tool: Take your HR Reports to a new level

8th Jan 2018

How to Enhance the Way You Build or Extract Desired HR Reports

Forget the below traditional steps of getting your daily HR reports;

  • Extracting data to MS Excel.
  • Merge between multiple reports to get the desired insights.
  • Making Data Mining.


With HITS dashboard tool for data visualization and decision support based on Microsoft Power BI enables you to:

  • Design your own reports and dashboards easily.
  • It’s not only HR dashboard, it’s a “my organization’s dashboard” therefor, you can add non HR elements to be measured in your dashboard.
  • Monitor the progress and growth of individuals against goals and role-based metrics
  • Have an interactive dashboard for your organization in a holistic level, including all the data fields you want to measure in each subsidiary.
  • Visualize the organization data in smart visual graphs & charts.
  • Access visualized data using the cloud based office 365.
  • Investigate in real-time by clicking down into underlying data.
  • Share your dynamic dashboard with selected peers.
  • Give your managers the ability to take action and respond to changes efficiently.
HITS HR Dashboards based on Power bi