HITS IoT Multi Identification Solution

HITS IoT Multi Identification Overview


HITS IoT multi identification smart solution encompasses the latest cloud-based technologies for the reason that it give a full control and monitoring for managing and identifying employees, workers, students, and more.

Even more with a complete automation eliminating any human errors, providing real valuable insights about your business status, by increasing productivity and reducing security risks.


Why HITS IoT Multi Identification Solution 


  • First of all a multiple Bio-metric identification methods such as fingerprint, face recognition, NFC cards, iris, and voice.
  • Due to it’s a cloud-based solution, with an unlimited storage over Microsoft Azure, connecting multiple devices in different locations, identifying people in all locations automatically with no data duplication.
  • Connect Different Devices over Cloud.
  • Integration with CMS, CRM, Calendars.
  • A standalone solution, or it can be integrated with any HRMS on your site, such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Epicor, Infor, Sage, and many more.
  • Also – Managing sophisticated shifts and unplanned rosters.
  • Geo Locator feature, Geographical sign-in from anywhere with a built-in missions management system reading a real time locations or places.
  • Sign in/out using Mobile Application.
  • Even more – No Need for integration with traditional machines and Data Sync.
  • Offline/online data processing.
  • Online data analytics over MS Azure.
  • Dashboards and Visualized Analytics over Microsoft Power BI.


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