HITS IoT Heat Map & Sentimental Analysis

HITS IoT heat map and sentimental analysis solution


HITS IoT heat map and sentimental analysis solution is very beneficial for retail showrooms, it is responsible for measuring the customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction towards a specific product or service.


This solution is very beneficial for B2C business such as Malls, Showrooms, Retail Shops, or any other customer service areas. Check HITS IoT Solution for Retail


  • Smart Surveillance cameras to identify and match the store visitors and matching there pictures with database records
  • Creating profiles for the new visitors, in addition to any other person types such as: contractor, staff, manager, and more.
  • Capturing visitors’ faces and detecting the sentiment feelings towards the products and prices.
  • Analyzing and reading the heat map areas, giving the marketing team an important insights about the product that have a heavy traffic and the other product with less traffic, so the marketing team can redesign the showroom for better exposure for the products.
  • Reading customer trends and interest for better products arrangements based on customers interest.
  • Built-in sensors are detecting the heat map, accordingly the app will build a sentimental analysis to know your customer behavior and feelings.
  • Drill down into the available sales data to identify which components are selling fastest.
  • Automatically align sales data with supply, to make sure that no inventory items go out of stock.


Welcoming function and sentiment analysis:

The welcoming function is about giving a clear report about the recurring clients or visitors, pushing a notification to the salesperson to welcome and help them, facilitating the client experience in the showroom as the tendency of purchasing is mostly high for recurring visitors.

Conclusion, how it will be beneficial for your business

  • Monitor people & customer traffic.
  • Analyze People based on gender, age… and more.
  • Measure customers feelings and satisfaction towards your products & services.
  • Meaningful data analysis over Microsoft Power BI for better marketing and decision making.
  • Geo advertising & nearby data transfer.
  • IoT Museum Guide.