HITS DNA – New Store Updates

21st Oct 2018

New Store Updates in Integration, Reports and Alerts !

Bank Driver ( CIB Bank Version6 +Tunisia Bank Driver)

The bank driver is the equivalent app for integration with the banks concerned with the monthly payroll & salaries, this integration app supports the required file format for each bank specifically with the company employees’ payment data.


Employees Statistics By Service Years

This is a statistical report that displays the number of employees grouped by ranges of service years based on their hire dates.


Pay Slip List (All Runs)

This alert is sent to manager with the payslips of his subordinates including all the employee’s earning and deduction paycodes of all runs without separating the paycodes per run.


صحيفة تدرج الأجور

This is one of the reports requested by the Insurance office. It displays the changes in “Total Salary” field.

With the capability to filter for a specific date or a specific transaction code.


Profile Phones

This report displays the mobile phone numbers recorded in the employee’s profile and the way of managing each phone number whether via specific pay-code(s) or via specific benefit item(s).


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