1st Jul 2015

By: HITS Marketing Team



At first glance, decision makers assume that the ongoing feed associated with cloud-based software will surpass those of an on-premise solution over time.
When examining all of the direct and indirect costs involved in an on-premise solution, however, it becomes clear that cloud-based HR management software offers a compelling, long-term cost saving over traditional desktop-based software.
Often, decision makers focus on the acquisition costs involved in making their purchase decision; in reality, each of the programs they buy require significant investments in terms of time and money for customization, installation, and ongoing operation, and these costs are just as much a part of the total cost of ownership for a new software product as the up-front purchase price.



HITS Cloud HR and PAYROLL (SAAS) model is not a desktop- based software program that requires installation, maintenance, and upgrades. It’s 100% web-based and runs on Microsoft Cloud. This means that both its software model and subscription pricing are paradigmatically different from traditional software norms.


Consequently, the cost comparison between a desktop-based solution and a cloud-based or s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution like HITS HRMS is not “apples-to-apples”.

Traditionally, people purchased a desktop-based software program faced a familiar acquisition model: an up-front purchase that varied based on the number of users, set-up and installation, and ongoing support and maintenance contracts for their particular version of the software package.


On regular basis, typically one to three years, they would then have to upgrade their program to the latest version by purchasing new licenses, contracts, and essentially start the product life cycle and amortization period anew.


With HITS HRMS SaaS model, you are only required to pay a monthly subscription fee that is all-inclusive of the abovementioned services; there is no software to install, no servers to run, and unlimited access to support and maintenance as part of your subscription. This allows you to save time and run a more effective practice, while also saving thousands of dollars in the process.


Advantages of HITS Cloud – SAAS Model

  • No Hardware… No Software Using Latest Microsoft Technology.
  • (SQL Azure Server – Windows Server OS – SQL Enterprise Server).
  • “Pay- As-You-Go” Minimize Your CAPEX, Maximize Your ROI with HITS Cloud Methodology.
  • Get Upgrade Is Periodically and Seamless.
  • Adding Modules & Add-ons in Minutes.
  • Get Support up to 24/7 From A Professional Consortium And Minimize the Headache of IT Administration.
  • Eliminate Cost of On-Site Support.
  • Enjoy Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Enjoy Rapid Deployment and Minimize the Headache of IT Administration.
  • Implementation Including Corporate Standard and Best Practices as Per Market Industry.
  • Keep Your Data Secured And Have Access To Your System Anywhere In The World.
  • Starting By Monthly Subscription, Reducing The Budget Approval Cycle.
  • There’s no initialization required, training, support, and data migrations are all included as part of the basic subscription.
  • No time consuming in customizations and focusing instead on projects and improvements that provide a positive ROI for their clients.