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19th Dec 2018

HITS Chatbot

  • A computer program – AI that manage a conversation via auditory or textual methods.
  • Often designed to  simulate how a human would act as a conversational partner.
  • Chatbots are typically used in dialog systems for various  purposes Like customer service
  • It’s very reachable at anytime, active assistant,  sales channel,  work Automation and faster
  • Very cost effective, customer satisfaction , handling the capacity very easily & it’s accessible anytime


HITS Solutions For People With Disabilities

Kinect Camera


A sign language – translator project – translating from any sign language to another.

  • Mainly helping the deaf in their way of daily life communications & make others communicate with them easily.
  • It’s easy now to understand the sign language.
  • The revolution that brought Kinect sensor to the Human Machine Interface – puts it on the top the scale of new technologies.
  • It  translates their signs to others  to make them understand and vice versa.

Watch Now – HITS latest research for people with disabilities



Can now guide the blind through their daily life & make it easier.

  • It can map space and talk to them by a headphone.
  • It’s easily to sense people on the streets,  building and objects & give an exact information of each thing, via sound.
  • It’s also helping blind people find their way through building and offering a better sense of everything around them.

Watch Now – HITS latest research for people with disabilities

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