Getting the best from your employees

26th Aug 2015

By: HITS Marketing Team


Support Your People!

A good manager’s work doesn’t end with assigning tasks. In fact, the toughest work lies ahead. A big part of getting things done through others is supporting those others.

You as a manager have to always support your team for getting the best from your employees.

The best ways to support your employees is to remove barriers to their success and act as a good coach. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Be an effective advocate for your employees with your superiors and the rest of the company. Lobby for their interests. Be loyal to them. Try as hard as you can to get them the resources, the equipment, staffing, money, and time they need to do their jobs well.
  2. Take your employees concerns and complaints seriously. The “stop whining” approach will get you only so far, and it can backfire horribly when employees have legitimate concerns.
  3. If your employees need correction, do it in private. When they deserve praise, give it in public.
    Keep your employees aware of how their efforts support the company’s goals and benefit the entire outfit.
  4. Help your employees develop and advance. Most people need increased responsibilities and advancement and chance to gain new skills. Give everyone ample opportunity to prove themselves, and allow for failure now and then.
  5. Don’t play favorite. This should go without saying, but you are human and you are going to like some employees more than others. If you don’t treat people with equal fairness, you will create serious moral problems.

Many managers try what is called “wave-of-the-hand” management. They act as if they can merely assign a job with a wave of the hand and it will magically get done.

Often these managers seems shocked or upset when it doesn’t work out that way.