Improve your organization by collecting and analyzing historical and recent chat data by Chatbot

14th Jan 2019

What Is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that attempts to simulate the conversation or “chatter” of a human being via text or voice interactions. Although it can be user to ask a chatbot a question or make a command, and the chatbot responds or performs the requested action.


Why We Need Chatbot In Business?

There are reasons for that like getting rid of routine tasks and simultaneous processing of multiple requests from users. Besides, a tremendous speed of processing users’ requests with chatbots helps gaining customers’ loyalty.

So Why Chatbot is AI ” Artificial  Intelligent ” 

  • Low cost
  • More accurate (avoid rumors)
  • Learn from past interactions to provide recommendations.
  • Be easy to deploy and works with multiple languages .
  • Respond to customers the same language way to make the customer understand .

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