9 Box Grid for Ongoing Performance Management

5th Dec 2017

HITS provides its users with the capability to gain insight into talent performance, aligning talents with potential business objectives, and develop future’s leaders.


With HITS 9 box grid talent management feature, you will be able to recognize individuals with the potential to be trained for leadership. Identify employees with succession plans and others who may be at risk. Get an overview about each employee’s performance and talent metrics.


The 9-box grid is an individual assessment tool that evaluates both an employee’s current contribution to the organization and his/ her potential level of contribution to the organization. It is a matrix results from the relationship between Performance and Potential when both attributes are defined at three levels (e.g., Low, Moderate, High).


HITS 9-box grid is the tool for employee development and modern succession planning. The bottom axis reflects employee performance and the vertical axis reflects employee potential. Each box represents an individual’s progress in those areas. For example, an employee with low performance and high potential would be in the “develop” box.


HITS 9-box grid is completely configurable to fit the business need, the grid can be built based on 2/4/9 box. Also It is a self-service oriented so that, each employees can check his/her performance card.


HITS 9-box grid talent management methodology allows you to measure, motivate and reward your top talents. Managing the organizational process of identifying, developing, and retaining the top talents. Making strategic talent decisions based on an actionable insights to help you proactively manage your global workforce.

9 box grid